About Riesenheim

My introduction in to the world of pedigree dogs came in 1984, with the arrival of a wonderful brown & tan Doberman called Zeus for my 15th birthday.


After joining the local training club I was encouraged to attend dog shows were I first saw a most spectacular sight, a GIANT SCHNAUZER and there my love affair began. And I promised myself that one day I would own one of these magnificent dogs.


In 1992 after spending many years watching giants. I visited the top kennel of the time and brought home Bronte (Ferncliffe Violetta of Nenevale) who had a truly delightful character and she was quickly followed by Spike (CH. Nenevale Landmaker) and later Anouck (CH.Nenevale Razzle Dazzle Riesenheim) these dogs are the foundations on which the Riesenheim kennel is founded and we are truly smitten.


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